In June Diego Bedeschi, a video maker, photographer and experienced drone operator embarked on a walk of hope and life.


Diego Bedeschi


Everyone should have the chance to experience the walk, even despite the difficulties one may encounter in one's life. The courage to stand up, find strength and not give up are extremely valuable values. "If you walk you live!" this is the slogan that has accompanied Diego throughout the walk to Santiago that he decided to undertake to raise awareness in the campaign to fight multiple sclerosis, which he was diagnosed with on May 14 last year.

Since then his life has changed and not only because of the direct consequences of the disease. "I was convinced I could do it on my own" he recounts. "I did not think it would be necessary to embark on a psychological journey to deal with this illness. Over time I realized that I could no longer engage as much as before, to find passion for everyday life". Also due to slight paralysis in his right hand, which is essential for taking photographs and operating the drone, Diego began to lose awareness in his abilities. Despite his strength he fell, as happens to many people. "I started suffering from depression, I couldn't leave the house anymore. I realized that I needed help." Away from the problems of everyday life, with a new strength, Diego shared his illness with other people and overcame it. "This path, certainly not an easy one, helped me get all my problems out. I came out with the help of people who were close to me. I had time to reflect on my illness and decided to embark on the Camino de Santiago to bear my testimony against multiple sclerosis and depression". 

Once again, as on an earlier Camino de Santiago entitled Walk the Wolf, we wanted to lend our support to Diego during this important journey.

Today, after a month-long journey, Diego, with his 9.81 BOLT on his feet, finally reached the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. "Until a year ago I thought that because of my pathology I would never again be able to climb even the hill behind my house”. This run was, instead, a demonstration of how, instead, one can reach far beyond one’s horizons.


Diego Bedeschi in Santiago de Compostela