Filippo Rapposelli

“In the mountains, don't look for a scaffold to climb, look for their soul.”  - Julius Kugy - 



“In the mountains, don't look for a scaffold to climb, look for their soul.” 

 -Julius Kugy-

This is perhaps the phrase that best represents my feelings towards the mountains.

It all started about 5 years ago when a friend of mine accompanied me by chance to the valleys three mountains away from my house:  we were at a low altitude (about 1000 m), maybe it was the magnificence of the north face in front of us, or the almost deafening silence mixed with a sense of awe, or perhaps it was simply my "initiation" to unspoilt nature... that was the moment my love for the mountains was born!

I am Filippo, a guy with a desire for adventure that borders on the extreme!

I invest my time and energy searching for beauty in the simplicity of nature, in the majesty of the mountains that surround me.

Living slowly, travelling on foot over paths, rocks and meadows, walking has become my way of life.

In short, my passion for the mountains, and more in general of slow walks, is leading me to fully live the days spent immersed in nature, developing in me a new sense of awareness towards the environment, nature and the planet.

I live halfway between the sea and the highest mountains of the Apennines, I come from Abruzzo, land of bandits and shepherds! Every night on my way home I am always in good company, with the Majella on my left and the Gran Sasso, which reminds me of the sharp crests of the Dolomites, on my right.

A few years ago I discovered a profound love for the mountains, for nature, for sunsets and silence.I also love photography, and my photos cannot but portray my adventures along the paths and via ferrata in high altitude; with my backpack and tent I have spent many nights sleeping alone in the mountains, waking up at dawn to enjoy the play of light on the highest walls of the Apennine chain.

In my hiking "career" I can say that I have toured a lot, especially the higher altitudes in Abruzzo. I have lived so many adventures among the peaks that the usual photos were almost not enough anymore so, one day, touring in the mountains with a couple of friends I thought of shooting real video-hikes every time I go trekking; this mainly for two reasons: I would like to promote my beautiful region on the web, with its mountains and hills, wild valleys and stunning views that leave me breathless every time. I want to show everyone the beautiful places I see every day at a stone's throw from home; the second reason is that, given this great passion for the outdoors, I would like to turn my passion into a profession.

Within the next year, I would like to become an environmental hiking guide to all effects; I plan to work and study hard to achieve this new goal, to reach the day when I can finally embark on a career that will lead me to do what I really like, accompany people in the mountains, share with them as best as possible my love and respect for nature, showing them the beauty of the mountains, the same beauty that I fell in love with many years ago.

My desire to communicate my mountains, to share my travels and treks is not limited to what you have read so far. Here is the link to my Instagram profile where you can follow all my adventures in the mountains and my travels; Don’t hesitate to write me if you want to exchange opinions on equipment, recommended treks or perhaps just organize a trek together!


Filippo rapposelli